2003 Konvention --- Charles Mound, Illinois --- August 1-3, 2003
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    From August 1, 2003 to August 3, 2003, highpointers from across the world converged on Charles Mound, Illinois and the surrounding area to participate in the 2003 Highpointers Convention.  Jean and Wayne Wuebbel (the owners of the highpoint) graciously allowed the group access to Charles Mound.

    The photos begin at the Pancake breakfast at Scales Mound High School.  The group enjoyed Pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup courtesy of Urbanski Farms and highpointing.com.  After breakfast, there was a group hike to Charles Mound, a memorial service for Jakk Longacre at the highpoint, and the traditional watermelon feast at the highpoint.  The hike from Scales Mound is about 2.5 to 3.0 miles.

    The evening's activities included the Social Hour, Annual Banquet, and Annual Meeting at the Galena Convention Center.  The highlights of this event included a warm, witty, and enjoyable speech from Jean Wuebbel, the awards' presentation, and the selection of the 2005 convention site (Mount Washington, New Hampshire.)

 Below are some pictures of the events.  (Picture numbers are for reference only and have no other significance)

001 The breakfast at Scales Mound High School
002 The breakfast at Scales Mound High School
003 The breakfast at Scales Mound High School
004 The breakfast at Scales Mound High School
Bill Urbanski (WCU) and Ed Urbanski (EEU) are
in the foreground with Tom Karchesky
005 Urbanski Farms Pennsylvania Maple Syrup
was provided at the breakfast courtesy
of highpointing.com and Urbanski Farms
006 A Lions Club member flipping pancakes
007 A Lions Club member showing off the pancake mixer
008 Making pancakes
009 Making pancakes
010 Serving breakfast
011 John Mitchler, convention host, leads the group
in a round of applause for the Lions Club
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